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EPA Registers K-HBAs to Protect Honey Bees
October 2015

EPA has registered a new biochemical miticide, Potassium Salts of Hops Beta Acids (K-HBAs), which is intended to provide another option for beekeepers to combat […]

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BASF and NOD Apiary Products Develop New Varroa Mite Control
November 2013
Company News

The BASF/NOD Apiary Products partnership is expected to result in the registration of a new anti-varroa solution in France in the first half of 2014. […]

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Researcher Study RNAi Technology to Control Varroa Mite
July 2013
Scientific Findings

Beekeepers are desperately battling colony collapse disorder, a complex condition that has been killing bees in large swaths and could ultimately have a massive effect […]

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Researchers Study Impact of Pesticides on Bee Brains
April 2013
Scientific Findings

Two recent studies have highlighted a negative impact on bees' ability to learn following exposure to a combination of pesticides commonly used in agriculture. The […]

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