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Tuta Absoluta Ravages Tomato Growing Areas of Nigeria
May 2023
Scientific Findings

Over 300 hectares of tomato farmlands have been destroyed by Tuta absoluta in Kano State, Nigeria. The country’s government stated the disease had ravaged the […]

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New Research Suggests that Groups of Spiders Can Eat Tomato Leafminer Moth
March 2023
Scientific Findings

New research, led by the University of Portsmouth (UK), suggests that web-building groups of spiders can eat tomato leafminer moth (Tuta absoluta), helping control these […]

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Andermatt Launches Tutavir
November 2022
Company News

Andermatt Biocontrol Suisse has launched Tutavir to combat and prevent resistance problems of Tuta absoluta. Tutavir is the only biological insecticide with the active ingredient […]

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COEXPHAL Find Parasitoid Wasp Controls Tomato Leafminer
May 2019
Scientific Findings

The Association of Fruit and Vegetable Producers’ Organizations of Almeria (COEXPHAL) has investigated the role of different species of biological control agents to control Tuta […]

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AHDB Horticulture Conducts Trials on Isonet-T
September 2017
Scientific Findings

A synthetic sex pheromone that confuses male Tuta absoluta moths so they can’t find females to mate with, Isonet-T, is offering new hope to commercial tomato growers […]

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EdenShield Receives US Patent
October 2016
Company News

EdenShield recently received US patent approval for its nontoxic pest control solution based on the extract of a desert plant. The U.S. patent approval recognizes […]

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Researcher Identifies Fungus to Control Predatory Moth in Palestine
November 2013
Scientific Findings

Appearing in a recent report by the Middle East Monitor newspaper, a Palestinian masters student from the Gaza Strip has identified a biopesticide to combat […]

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