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Eden Signs an Agreement with Corteva France
January 2023
Mergers, Acquisitions and Partnerships

Eden Research has signed an agreement with Corteva France which allows Corteva to market, distribute and sell Eden’s fungicide product, Mevalone, in France on an […]

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Eden Research Receives Certification
December 2022

Eden Research PLC has received certification for use of its Mevalone and Cedrox products in organic farming production in Greece. The certification follows the authorization […]

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Eden Receives Authorization
October 2022

Eden Research received authorization by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for use across the US of its biopesticide products Mevalone and Cedroz, and three […]

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Eden Research Authorized to Sell Mevalone and Cedroz in US, EPA also Grants Exemption to Sustaine
May 2022
Company News

Eden Research is in the final stages of a process that should result in its three active ingredients – eugenol, geraniol and thymol – and […]

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ANSES Grants Eden Research Biofungicide Mevalone for Use on Pome Fruits
December 2021
Company News

French regulatory authority ANSES has granted full authorization of Eden Research plc’s biofungicide Mevalone for use on pome fruits to prevent post-harvest storage diseases. France […]

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Eden Research Receives Authorization in Portugal for Mevalone
September 2021
Company News

Eden Research plc announced that its biofungicide, Mevalone, has received authorization for use on new crops in Portugal for the control of the disease Botrytis […]

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Eden Research Receives Cedroz Authorization in Morocco and Mevalone Approval in Romania
July 2021
Company News

Eden Research’s Cedroz bionematicide has received authorization for sale in Morocco, and its Mevalone biofungicide has been approved for sale in Romania. The approval of […]

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Eden Research Receives Authorization to Sell ARAW in Spain
April 2021

Eden Research plc announced that Sipcam Iberia, Eden's commercial partner in Spain and Portugal, has received authorization for the sale of Eden's biofungicide in Spain […]

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Eden Receives EU Organic Certification for Mevalone
April 2020

Eden Research’s biopesticide Mevalone, branded 3LOGY in Italy and Araw in Spain, has received certification for use in organic farming in the two European Union […]

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Sumi Agro France Receives Emergency Use Authorization for Mevalone
August 2019

On July 29, Eden Research announced that its commercial partner, Sumi Agro France, received a 120-day “emergency use” authorization for Eden’s fungicide, Mevalone, from the French […]

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Eden Research Receives Approval for Mevalone in Portugal
October 2017

Mevalone, the biofungicide from Eden Research has been approved in Portugal for the control of botrytis in grapes. Mevalone is a terpene-based fungicide that targets […]

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Eden Develops Mevalone
June 2017
Scientific Findings

Grape rot fungus costs the global wine industry millions each year. Amid health concerns over chemical solutions, a natural alternative is being tested in France's […]

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