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Research Paper Suggests Fungus Trichoderma Asperellum has Nematoxic Properties
May 2023
Scientific Findings

Researchers from Haryana Agricultural University in India conducted a study on indigenous T. asperellum FbMi6 strain under in vitro and in vivo conditions in okra, […]

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FMC Registers Presence in Brazil
June 2017
Company News

FMC has registered the bionematicide Presence (Bacillus subtilis + Bacillus licheniformis) in Brazil. It is a contact product for seed treatment, providing control of root […]

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Researchers Identify Trichoderma Fungus
December 2016
Scientific Findings

Plants are constantly challenged by hungry animals and infectious microbes. For tomato plants, major enemies are nematodes of the species Meloidogyne incognita. Not all interactions […]

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Brazil Approves Use of Three Biopesticides
April 2013

The Brazilian toxicology agency has recently approved the use of three biopesticides. The national health surveillance agency, the Anvisa, has cleared the bionematicide, Paecilomyces lilacinus, […]

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