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AgMA Receives Ecocert Certification
August 2020
Company News

AgMA Energy Pvt. Ltd. has received Ecocert certifications qualifying an array of its products for use in organic agriculture production. AgMA Energy is a 50-50 […]

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Bioiberica Launches Terra-Sorb
February 2018
Company News

Bioiberica launches Terra-Sorb®, a new amino acid based biostimulant for organic production. The new formulation is certified by ECOCERT as a product for use in […]

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ECOCERT Approves Award Winning Chinese Herb Biological Remedy
January 2018

ECOCERT approved a traditional Chinese herb remedy in mid-December, therefore allowing it to be used in organic farming. The biological remedy, developed by the research […]

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Groundwork Announces OMRI and Ecocert Certification for Rootella
December 2017
Company News

Groundwork BioAg Ltd announced its Rootella™ mycorrhizal inoculants has been allowed for use as inputs in organic agriculture, by both OMRI and Ecocert certification agencies. […]

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Italpollina Obtains ECOCERT Certification
August 2017
Company News

Italpollina has obtained the ECOCERT certification for its liquid products. ECOCERT is an independent international inspection and certification body for sustainable development, specializing in the […]

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