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Valent Announces the Acquisition of FBSciences 
January 2023
BNA - Breaking News Alert

Valent BioSciences LLC, a global leader in the discovery, development, and commercialization of highly effective, low-risk, environmentally compatible technologies and products for agriculture, public health, […]

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DunhamTrimmer Names Richard Jones
January 2023

Biologicals industry leader Richard Jones has been named DunhamTrimmer's new vice president of content and client engagement. An established professional in the biocontrol and biostimulant […]

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South African Researchers Report Finding a Faster Way
November 2022
Scientific Findings

In a study published in Metabolites, University of Johannesburg (UJ), South Africa, researchers report on finding a faster way to screen soil bacteria as potential […]

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Certis Completes Transition of Legacy Products
October 2022
Company News

Certis Biologicals, the manufacturer of BotaniGard and Mycotrol mycoinsecticides, has completed transition of the proven legacy products back into its leading portfolio of biopesticides and […]

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AMVAC Establishes GreenSolutions
August 2022
Company News

AMVAC has established a GreenSolutions product team dedicated to their biological portfolio, which consists of biopesticides, biostimulants, and biofertilizers. The product team will develop and […]

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Chou Hui-chuan of Taiwan Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine Investigates Biopesticides as Alternative Pest Controls
March 2022

Deputy Director-General Chou Hui-chuan of Taiwan's Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine says that in light of its March 5 announcement on […]

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WUR Investigates Biopesticides to Fight Fungi and Oomycetes
February 2022
Scientific Findings

Fungi (such as Fusarium and Verticillium) and oomycetes (such as Pythium and Phytophthora) can infect a crop through the roots, causing damage. The Business Unit […]

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Agriculture Victoria Investigate Biopesticides to Control Carpophilus Beetles
November 2021
Scientific Findings

Agriculture Victoria (Australia) research scientists are investigating the use of biopesticides such as entomopathogenic or insect-killing fungi to reduce populations of Carpophilus beetles in almond […]

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Seipasa Obtains Phytosanitary Registration of Pirecris and Seican in Colombia
June 2021
Company News

Seipasa obtained phytosanitary registration of the biopesticides Pirecris and Seican in Colombia. Approved by the Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA), the registrations free the company to […]

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Qatar University Researchers Collaborate with WHO to Develop Biopesticides
April 2021
Scientific Findings

Qatar University (QU) researchers, in collaboration with WHO Collaborating Center at the University of Montpellier, France, have developed a wide range of biopesticides, produced naturally […]

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Egypt to Adopt More Biopesticides
February 2021
Company News

Egypt’s Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation al-Sayed al-Quseir announced government plans to reduce Egypt’s consumption of chemical pesticides and replace them with biopesticides. Quseir […]

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The European Crop Protection Association Operating as CropLife Europe
January 2021
Company News

The European Crop Protection Association is now operating as CropLife Europe, expanding its mandate to include digital and precision farming, plant biotech innovation, and biopesticides […]

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