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Bioiberica and Biome Makers Sign Commercial, Scientific and Technological Agreement
June 2021
Mergers, Acquisitions and Partnerships

The Bioiberica business unit dedicated to plant health and Biome Makers Inc. has signed a commercial, scientific and technological agreement in order to promote soil […]

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Bioibérica Registers Flyral
June 2020
Company News

Flyral, the fly food bait from Bioibérica Plant Health, recently obtained registration in Italy and Malta. The product is now registered in Spain, Italy and […]

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Anna Botta Product Manager Bioiberica S.A.U. - Plant Health
February 2020
Executives Speak

Although our main interest is in biologicals, we know Bioiberica has other businesses too (such as pharmaceuticals) – are these businesses related through amino acids? […]

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Bioiberica Receives Approval for Cera Trap in Greece and Mexico
July 2019

Cera Trap, Bioiberica’s biological attractant specifically designed for the capture of the Mediterranean fruit fly, Ceratitis capitata, has been approved for use by Greece and […]

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