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Koppert Will Launch Aphiscout at IPM Essen
February 2016
Company News

The new parasitic wasp mix Aphiscout detects the early signs of an aphid infestation and gives growers reliable information about the correct release strategy. Koppert […]

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Researchers Use Parasitoid Wasp to Control Aphids
May 2014
Scientific Findings

The American Floral Endowment funded research at North Carolina State University that demonstrates how aphids can be managed by releasing the parasitoid wasp Aphidius colemani […]

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Koppert Receives Authorization for Five Beneficial Predators in India
May 2013
Company News

Koppert India has been granted authorization for five biological beneficial predators. The products concerned are Spical (Neoseiulus californicus), Spidex (Phytoseiulus persimilis), Swirski-Mite (Amblyseius swirskii), Aphipar […]

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Viridaxis Wins the SIVAL d’OR 2013 Gold Medal for VerdaProtect
March 2013
Company News

Viridaxis was awarded the SIVAL d’OR 2013 gold medal for its VerdaProtect at the Salon des Productions Végétales fair (SIVAL), held in Angers from 15 […]

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